Stony Cottage Crafts


Makers of hand crafted fused glass jewellery and artwork. A range of techniques are used to produce different styles and effects in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. The fused glass is set or framed by hand creating unique and individual designs.

Hi I’m Sally,

I started making fused glass designs in 2015 on a fabulous weekend course at Shore Cottage Studio. Following the course, I made fused glass as a hobby and for gifts to family and friends. I began working with a microwave kiln, then an electric kiln which offers flexibility to materials that can be used with glass. I love experimenting with new ideas and techniques.

From the Wirral originally, I moved to Stony Cottage (there's the inspiration for the name!) in beautiful Pembrokeshire in 2015. Having spent most of my life by the sea, most designs are inspired by the it bright blue sunny seas, murky grey rainy waters, vibrant red sunsets or craggy rocks and seaweed.

Every piece of Stony Cottage Craft fused glass is made in Pembrokeshire, with a pinch of happy, a dash of love and a cup of tea!

- Sally

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