We run pottery classes and workshops in the ‘Pottering Shed’ at the gallery, a repurposed old tailor’s workspace, transformed into treasure trove of ceramic and artistic materials! It’s a wonderful peaceful space to come and relax and immerse yourself in one of our pottery classes or other craft workshops.

We hold weekly three-hour pottery classes for adults with Mena at East Gate Gallery on:

Wednesdays - 11.00 to 14.00

Fridays - 12.00 to 15.00, and 17.00 to 20.00

Saturdays - times vary

Please see our booking page for available times of pottery classes at East Gate Gallery.

About the Pottery Classes at East Gate Gallery

Join one of our brilliant Pottery Classes in the peaceful Pottering Shed!

• Please bring: The time to relax and enjoy yourself!

• You won’t need to bring: The weight of the world

• We make great cups of tea/coffee and often homemade cake and other nice things

• You’ll leave with: A piece of art! Or something weird and wonderful…! 

• Your creation will be fired and ready for collection (or post) in around two weeks

• All abilities welcome!


You can book a one-off pottery class or you can sign up to a series of classes to take advantage of a great discount.

One-off Pottery Class
£35 per class

Five Pottery Classes
£25 per class

Ten Pottery Classes
£20 per class

All prices include:

Clay, use of equipment, plus teas and coffees, and often amazing home-baked cakes made by Mena’s mum!
Your creations made in our Pottery Classes will be glazed and fired ready to be collected or posted in around two weeks.

Please Remember

Take a picture of your work…sometimes things can get a bit jumbled up in the kiln!

Make sure your name is on the work to help with identification.

If you would like to paint the work at a later date please make sure this is arranged with Mena and the gallery before you leave.

Once the class is finished the clay will need to dry for several days before the piece is placed in the kiln to finish the drying process. The piece can now be painted, glazed, or left unfinished, before going back into the kiln for a second time to complete the hardening process.

Very occasionally things go wrong in the kiln (Ah the thrills of working with natural materials!) If this is the case, don’t worry, we will offer another class free of charge!

Please allow at least two weeks from the class until the work is ready for collection (or postage) from the gallery. This is because we use professional grade clay that requires two firings in the kiln, which is switched on only at the weekends to be kinder to the environment! We will be in contact when items are ready for collection.