Funky Green Bee


Funky Green Bee was set up with the aim to offer an easy, eco friendly and fun way of making a small change at reducing single use plastic in our daily lives by switching to a re-usable, natural food wrap instead of using cling film or plastic wrap.

My wraps are home made using 100% cotton, which are carefully infused with locally sourced Welsh beeswax and my special blend of other natural goodies (which makes them more malleable and gives them a stickiness we are accustomed to using). These ingredients offer natural antibacterial qualities to help keep your food freshly wrapped and perform in a similar way plastic film does.

Instead of using clingfilm to wrap your bread or fruit and veg, you could use one of your chosen wraps. They are great for wrapping things like fruit and vegetables (cut and uncut), bread, sandwiches, herbs, salad leaves, cheese, snacks or cover bowls and dishes. My kids love the funky fabrics and enjoy using them just as much as I do and I hope you will too. You will also be helping to support the local beekeepers and bees!

To use simply wrap your food or cover a bowl, then use the warmth of your hands to mould it into shape! After use, just wash in cool water or wipe with a cloth, air dry it, then re-use it!

Once the wrap has come to the end of it's useful life, you can simply compost it!

I hope to inspire you and others to try and "BEE the change", with a fun and colourful companion in the kitchen.