Book a Pottery Class at East Gate Gallery! You can also book all of the other craft classes that are currently available at the gallery.


Upcoming classes:

Wednesday 30th October 11am - 1pm (2 hours) - Children’s Pottery Class (Ship/Boat)

Wednesday 30th October 2pm - 4pm (2 hours) - Children’s Pottery Class (Pumpkin House)

Thursday 31st October 11am - 1pm (2 hours) - Children’s Harry Pottery Class

Thursday 7th November 11am - 2pm (3 hours) - Spoon Carving Woodwork Class

Every Wednesday at 11am, and every Friday at 12pm and 5pm (3 hours) Adults’ Pottery Class

Every Saturday at 11am (2 hours) Children’s Pottery Class

Booking is essential.

When other classes are added to the calendar they will become available below, so keep an eye out on Facebook for other crafts, seasonal, and one-off guest classes!