Pottery is Like a Box of Chocolates...


…you never know what you’re going to get*. 

We thought it was about time we shared the amazing, delicious selection of pottery that our students have made during this first year of our ceramic art workshops.

There is so much beautiful work and not enough space to include it all, but this is our first little hand-picked selection. It really shows the variety of work that’s produced in our Potting Shed. Each piece of pottery is as unique and characterful as the person who created it. What we love is how different they all are and how they reflect individual style and creativity.


Mena guides all our students – from beginner to old-hand – through every part of the process and once you’re happy with your piece, she whisks it away to be fired… you never know exactly what is going to return from the kiln and that’s all part of the fun of the process.

One of our regular potters, Lesley, said: “It’s a fantastic atmosphere and great company in the workshops and gallery. I’ve been thrilled by my achievements and encouraged by the very talented Mena. I’m totally addicted!”



If you’re inspired to get creative yourself, find out more about our workshops and don’t be shy – come along, you might surprise yourself!

*(Forrest Gump reference, in case you were thinking ‘pottery isn’t anything like a box of chocolates’.)

And… a big thank you to our pottery students who were willing for us to show their work to the world!

Laura Ridgway