Anna Kane

Needle Felting by Anna Kane

Needle Felting by Anna Kane

Hi, I'm Anna Kane, a self taught needle felter from Lewes in East Sussex. I’m married & have 2 rescue dogs Patch & Archie.

I'm a bit of a frustrated artist & my skills at painting are pretty rubbish but I've always enjoyed crafts & my mum taught me to knit & embroider from a young age.

In 2015 I found needle felting & fell in love. I did some research & bought some tools & materials but didn't have the confidence to start so I stored it in a cupboard for a year or two. One day I got it all out & started sculpting. I made a grey mouse which I was pretty proud of but in hindsight looked more like a mouldy sausage. Over the months, I researched with books and tutorials & with trial & error found I started to be pretty ok at it.

Needle felting is such an adaptive craft, the only limit is your imagination but with the help of google, you’ll never run out of inspiration. To make my sculptures, I only use a single needle, which although slow going, I find I have more control & am much happier with the end result.

I make every single piece as if I were to keep it & I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy crafting them.