Nestled within the walls of the historic town of Pembroke,
East Gate Gallery combines a gallery, shop and pottery workshop space.

Whether you’re shopping for a unique gift, looking to add to your art collection or hoping to try your hand at pottery, the little Studio Gallery in Pembroke is for you. It’s the culmination of more than ten years of creative experimentation – and an equal amount of beach and hedgerow combing – by Pembroke ceramicist Mena Williams.

Mena began working with clay in 1997, when she studied art and design at Pembrokeshire College. It was during her Fine Art Ceramics degree in 2001 that she realised porcelain had the best properties for what she wanted to create. So began her love of producing beautiful and unique pieces of ceramic art. Mena uses beach-combed objects and natural materials to press into the clay. Every piece is a hand-crafted one-off.

Mena: “I’m inspired by the beauty of the coastal landscape here in Pembrokeshire, but I’m equally inspired by the country lanes. I’m constantly finding little bits on the beach or in the hedgerows, and I’m just as interested in the weeds…the forget-me-knots growing in the nooks and crannies and the brilliant yellow un-loved dandelions.”

The pieces Mena sells in the East Gate Gallery range from small tea lights to large plant pots, with everything from soap dishes to sugar bowls and beads in between.

Mena now shares her passion with others in her pottery workshops which are open to anyone. No experience is necessary.

The gallery space is open to other Pembrokeshire artists and designers inspired by the natural world.